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RJM Web Design specializes in creating clean, functional, effective Web sites for small and medium-sized local businesses.

Most of my clients are locally owned, brick-and-mortar companies that make their money doing real work in the real world. I've built sites for businesses including delicatessens, pest control companies, plumbing supply houses, welding companies, and others.

Most of my clients learned of me by word of mouth. Other than this site, I do no advertising. They came because they realized that the Internet has become the Yellow Pages of the 21st Century, and they didn't want to be left behind.

The Importance of Having a Well-Written Web Site

The Web is how people shop nowadays. Most people don't use old-fashioned, paper telephone books any more. They get on Google or their favorite search engine and search for the products and services that they need. That's why even local businesses that don't have a Web presence (or whose sites are poorly written or coded) are missing out on a lot of business.

That's where I come come in.

I make it easier for people to find my clients by creating clean, easy-to-navigate Web sites that are well-written, load quickly, are easy for search engines to crawl, and clearly explain what my clients have to offer. I strongly believe in the old adage "simple sells." It still holds true, and even more so on the Web than in other media.

People who use the Web to shop for goods and services want to find what they need quickly. That's why the most successful sites tend to have very simple designs. (Look at Google, for example.)

Keeping the Robots Happy

There's another aspect to effective Web site design, and it's the part that most visitors never get to see. It's the way the site is coded. Too many "Web designers" really don't understand how to code a site. They rely on canned templates and "content management frameworks" that allow them to build a site in very little time, with very little effort, and little or no knowledge of the underlying code. The framework does it all for them.

Unfortunately, some of these frameworks don't write very clean code, and search engine robots have a hard time understanding and indexing it. So they give up, resulting in your message never being indexed in the search engines' databases.

That's why I write my own code. I don't use canned frameworks or templates. I write it all by hand, resulting in clean code that's easy for search engine robots to understand and index. The end result is a site that gets your message out there in a way that's easy for both people and robots to read and understand.

In short, a successful Web site doesn't place obstacles or distractions between the visitor and what he or she is looking for, nor does it confuse the robots who really are doing their robotic best to understand and index your site's content. I understand these principles and I follow them religiously.

Please feel free to read about my philosophy of Web design, learn about the ethical principles I follow as a Web developer, and view a few samples of my work.

Can't Afford a Professional Web Developer?

Strikingly. Make your website & store. Ridiculously easy. Start for free.

Times are tough these days, especially for hard-working small business owners. I regularly talk to potential clients who would love to have all the advantages of a professional to build and maintain there sites, but they just can't afford it right now.

Fortunately, there are do-it-yourself alternatives that allow business owners to build their own sites without having to know how to code. It's more work than just paying someone like me to do it for you; but if that's not an option right now, then I suggest that you give Strikingly a try.

Consider the advantages that Strikingly provides over other companies:

In short, Strikingly is the next-best thing to having a professional build your site and manage your online presence.

Please note that I am a Strikingly affiliate and will receive a referral fee if you sign up through this site. They also are the only do-it-yourself site-building company with whom I have an affiliate agreement because they're the only one to whom I feel comfortable referring my site visitors.

Thanks for visiting. I hope to hear from you soon.

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